Bug Fight Your HTML Email Code With These 16 Tips [Infographic]

There is a special feeling connected with receiving an HTML email. Your email software will most likely block any kind of graphics from it unless you tell it otherwise though. However, when the graphics actually do “unfold,” and there is a message that you have actually been looking forward to, it increases the excitement. As a designer, I love receiving news about new themes, templates and what have you, and they are always delivered in extravagant grandeur. But putting together an HTML email can be quite hard and bug fighting it possibly even harder, at least if you are a beginner and don’t know your way around HTML very well. However, I have some great bug fighting tips that I will be sharing with you today.

I must point out that when it comes to coding HTML emails, I am not exactly an advanced artist. I do know my HTML, but for me, it’s purely for the purpose of creation online solutions. Bug fighting within an email is not exactly the same thing as bug fighting within an HTML document where you have the possibility to pinpoint the culprit quite fast. Maybe there are some rather good tools and software out there just for HTML email creation, there probably are. However, I am in no position to say which one would be the best to pursue.

The knowledge delivered here comes from Litmus in the form of an infographic that will help you bug fight your way through to the perfect HTML email design. This infographic, called Code Therapy: Identifying What Went Wrong When Coding Your HTML Email, delivers 16 tips that might make you a master in the skills required to create this highly effective email format.

What I do know when it comes to HTML emails is that they shouldn’t be too long, and they shouldn’t contain a lot of graphics. The purpose of an HTML email is not to share your portfolio, but to capture the reader’s attention with images and eye candy. As you probably remember, if you have read Bit Rebels for a while now, I wrote an article about how the human brain processes visual information 3 times faster than any other information fed to it. This is exactly where you should use that knowledge and put it to good use.

Let “less is more” be a guideline when you create your awesome HTML emails, and if you hit a road block, just use this infographic to bug fight your way to excellence. A well executed HTML email design can increase your subscriber’s response by a lot, so always keep that in mind when you set out to create a template for your news, upgrades or staying-in-touch emails. Simplicity still works!

How To Bug Fight Your HTML Emails

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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image: [Steven Puetzer]