Can’t Afford A Sound System? Build One From Beer Cans…

Are you one of those people who likes to sit around on your couch all day and drink beer while pointlessly wasting your life away surfing the Internet? Wait a minute, that’s me. Well, not exactly. I like to drink beer, sit on my couch and surf the Internet, but I usually don’t get to do all three at the same time dammmmit.

To all you beer-drinking couch potatoes, might I suggest you do something meaningful with your lives like make some music? Oh, you can’t afford a sound system? No problem, I’ve got the solution for you. Just collect all those empty beer cans you’ve been tossing behind your couch (yeah, that is where the smell has been coming from) and build a sound system of your own. Any project where you can give a new life and purpose to something that might otherwise be considered trash is worthwhile, so get to collecting those cans!

Yuri Suzuki and Mathew Kneebone used 5,000 beer cans to create this fully functional sound system for Red Stripe’s “Make Something Out of Nothing” project. Personally, I think the adjective “badass” is somewhat overused. However, in this case, it’s totally warranted. This is truly one badass machine. There are even speakers hidden inside the cans. The sound quality is unbelievable. Wow! My only question is, would this work with Diet Coke cans too? If so, I could probably build the biggest sound system on the planet. Well, if I could get off the Internet.

Recycled Beer Cans Music

Recycled Beer Cans Sculpture

Via: [Oddity Central]