Retro 8-Bit Styled Coca Cola Cans

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of talk about how Coca Cola could make their brand even more legendary. There have been countless concept redesigns of their cans and logo, and some are actually really good. Even though most people doubt Coca Cola will ever change their logo or their famous red cans for anything other than holiday promotions or special events, it doesn’t hurt to put a new spin on things every once in a while. I think most of us are familiar with their Christmas campaign cans and television commercials that the brand continuously fine tunes and refines. They usually make a lasting imprint in our minds, which makes us want to go out and buy their thirst quenching sugared water.

Erin McGuire, a Canada-based designer, came up with a fresh retro design that will totally bring back memories. It is a limited edition set of Coca Cola cans that features some retro 8-bit styled Space Invaders graphics. It sure stands out, and I think if Coca Cola would ever consider doing something like this, they would once again become the number one soda for the youth of today. Well, maybe it is already the top choice, but you know what I mean. They usually change their approach ever so slightly but never anything that really makes us raise our eyebrows.

The red, black and gray cans are finally worthy of a true retro gamer, which I think most of us here are. I wish I had a couple of these in the fridge right now as a matter of fact, especially since today seems to be one of those low fuel kind of days when you know you need to make an impact, but the energy isn’t there to back you up. If there are any other Coca Cola can designs out there that are out of the ordinary, specifically concept designs, don’t hesitate to send some pictures to us and we’ll make sure to feature them. Would you like to see more creativity when it comes to the design of the Coca Cola brand, or are you happy with the way things are right now?




Via: [TAXI]