Car Dust Artwork | You Will Never Wash Your Car Again

I never thought I would say this but for this occasion I think I have to. I never want to wash my car again after seeing what I am about to show you. That dirt and dust that your car whips up while you drive to work, to the grocery store, to the daycare…you name it, could potentially become impressive pieces of artwork right there on your car. At least if you happen to know Scott Wade. Where this man got inspiration to start doodling on his cars is beyond me. And maybe calling it “doodling” would be to underestimate his efforts by a light year or two.

Scott doesn’t just show his potential Leonardo da Vinci gene, he makes dirt on a car become cool and something that I think we all want. When everyone goes on about having to wash their car every week or so, Scott actually drives back and forth on a dirt road making his cars as dirty as possible by purpose. Nah, not really actually. He has come up with a much faster way of making his cars dusty and dirty and it involves some kind of oil and a certain kind of dust that is blown by a hairdryer over the soaked car windows. How it works? It beats me and I am not even going to speculate how he came up with it.

How long it takes to complete each piece of his amazing artwork is somewhere around a couple of days. He uses primarily his fingers and finger nails to create the core lines and to accentuate the depth of the lines. Furthermore, he uses an air brush to create the 3D depth of the shadows and textures.

It must be a joy to drive around in Scott Wade’s cars as you will always know that there will never be someone with the same dust art on the rear window as you have going on. All I can say is that Scott is one heck of an artist and deserves huge props for coming up with this genuine idea. Now, where is that left over powder concrete…

All Images Copyright Wade Scott