Cat Woman, Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn Pin-Up Art

The retrofication of everyday things, especially technology gadgets, has become very popular over the past year. Another retro niche that we are seeing a lot of creative artists have fun with is pin-up art. Pin-up art is fun because it’s nice to look at, and there are unlimited applications for how you can redesign it in your art. Pin-up art is retrofication with a twist since it takes the old and makes it new again instead of traditional retrofication which does the opposite.

For example, have you ever seen men in pin-up poses before? Yeah, it’s wacky in a sarcastically funny way. Then there was the artist who created some amazing 2D pin-up paintings which are an unbelievable example of artistic talent and patience. I have no idea how he was able to achieve that look with just paint.

Maria Danalakis, a graphic artist and illustrator, is also inspired by pin-up art. She’s created her own take on Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, all in retro pin-up style. These are sassy and spunky, and they could be perfect for the female fatale in your life. My favorite one is the cupcake pin-up girl because I like her pink cupcakey hair with the cherry on top. You can purchase these prints and see all of her illustrations in her Etsy Store.

Poison Ivy Pin Up Art

Harley Quinn Pin Up Art

Cat Woman Pin Up Art

Here are a few more from Maria’s collection.

Cheetah Pin Up Girl Art

Cirque Paris Pin Up Girl

Cupcake Pin Up Girl Art

Via: [Fashion Tips From Comic Strips]