Cereal Boxes Redesigned To Tell The Truth

Imagine it’s a lazy Saturday morning, and you are at the grocery store doing your usual shopping. You are walking slowly, sipping a cup of hot tea and occasionally dropping items into your cart. Then, suddenly, you look on the shelf to see a cereal called Sugar Diabetic Bear, Sugar Frosted Fat and Foot Looped. Would you be caught off guard? Would you start looking around for the candid camera? I probably would. That Tony the Tiger holding the psycho knife would probably freak me out. That was exactly the scene for some shoppers at a supermarket in Venice, California.

These were created by Ron English, and I can’t help but wonder if he was inspired by the work of TrustoCorp, an insanely talented group of artists who frequently leave their little parodies around Los Angeles and NYC. I wrote about the time they redesigned tabloids and sneakily put them in airports and bookstores for people to find. This time around, Ron English is schooling us about how unhealthy sugary cereal is with these fun and freaky cereal boxes. I wish I was one of the lucky people who found one of these; I’d love to have one to put on the shelf in my kitchen. If you would like to have more fun with logos, check out these logos with double meanings, these honest logos and these logos redesigned as condoms.

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Ron English Redesigned Cereal

Via: [Geekosystem]