Classic & Retro Character ASCII Twitter Art

How do you tweet? Are you one of those people who constantly sends out monotone status updates about your daily activities in hopes that one will catch on, or are you just casually trying to educate your friends about your doings so they know exactly what you are up to at all times? Either way, it’s not a very creative way to use Twitter, is it? Twitter has become such a huge part of the social networking landscape, and it is almost impossible to breakthrough the noise of all the tweets that go out every second of the day. It just never stops. The stream of tweets is constant, and there is nothing we can really do about that. So what can we do in order to put the spotlight on our tweets?

If you don’t have anything against switching up your tactics a little bit, there are actually a lot of things you can do in order to spawn some interaction and attention. One creative way would be to tweet some of the thousands and thousands of different ascii character creations that are available on the Internet. It’s pretty much just to copy and paste and then hit that tweet button. The rest should be taken care of by your followers.

If you want a more retro feel to your ascii art, I suggest you have a look at Greg (@aGGregArt) and his Twitter stream. It is packed with classic and retro characters created entirely in ascii code. It’s really a marvel to behold how he has been able to create everything from Betty Boop to Mickey Mouse with just text. So, I guess all you really need to do is to copy it and tweet it yourself or just retweet what he has already tweeted. A slight warning though, some people really don’t like the ascii art being intermingled with their preferred and chosen tweet streams. So, I wouldn’t set out on a super epic tweet spree consisting of just ascii code. I would try one and see what the response is first. It is always good to test the waters before you dive in.


Via: [Cartoon Brew]