Coca Cola – Vintage Poster Design

Every geeks favorite and desired drink of all time, Coca Cola, has had it’s share of ups and downs. Not so many downs except the miss they had with Coca Cola Vanilla. I myself thought that the Vanilla taste of it was quite refreshing but after having too much during a project deadline race I found that the Vanilla had destroyed the drink for me for quite a while. I am back in the saddle again though with a tie between Jolt and Coca Cola but hey…still favoured right?

What I (and I guess many with me) love is the crowd control Coca Cola has always had with their ads and posters. They always manage to grab my attention cause I always know that they will have something really cool to show me. After thinking about this post for quite a while I really wanted to check up on how the Vintage posters still make me feel. And guess, they are cooler then ever! Why can’t they make them like they used to. Simply genius and the designs are flawless!

Coka Cola - Poster DesignCoka Cola - Poster DesignCoka Cola - Poster DesignCoka Cola - Poster DesignCoka Cola - Poster DesignCoka Cola - Poster Design - 10Coka Cola - Poster DesignCoka Cola - Poster Design


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    I really like this. Shabby Chic is certainly a type of Feng Shui,
    giving a laid back, soft and feminine feel.
    A very romantic way of decorating making people want to come
    in and relax, that’s the reason it can also be known as the cottage feel.