Colorful Crayon Sculptures – You Gotta See It to Believe It

Somewhere along the way when the Universe and all the angels were distributing artistic talent, I got left out. I can sketch a halfway decent dog, but that’s about it.

I look at creative artists like Diem Chau who carve people, animals and mythological creatures out of crayons and I’m blown away. How do artists like this do it? It is completely perplexing to me. I guess I should just go back to drawing a dog. :)

I’ve never seen crayons look so sophisticated before. As if meticulously carving a crayon wasn’t impressive enough, check out the photograph below and how the crayon resembles it remarkably. Diem tells stories with her crayons. Also, many times I’ve noticed that artists’ blogs are a bit boring and just full of self-promotion. Diem’s blog is different. I got lost in reading, it’s filled with as much flavor and feelings as her crayons themselves. You can check that out here. Thank you for the inspiration Diem!

[via bookofjoe, hardwaresphere]