Converse Shoe Foot Tattoo For The Trendy

For some people, a tattoo is anything but serious. For others, it can be a way to escape what was and mark something new in the present. There are a lot of different reasons why people get a tattoo, and none of them are wrong really. I mean, if you decide upon a tattoo, you pretty much know why you are getting it, right? So what people choose is really all up to them. But there are of course tattoos out there that to some people could come across as a little questionable. It’s not every day that you see someone tattooed up to their scalp after all. You can still be curious why people choose certain motifs since they do come across as a little bit… desperate for attention.

Some daredevil college fella decided that a Converse All Star shoe tattoo was the way to go on his right foot. I have to admit it is a unique piece that will most likely have a ton of people glaring at you on the beach, or wherever you decide to walk around without shoes, however that would be possible now. My curiosity is not satisfied since there is still no word about the other foot. Is that one sporting another Converse All Star shoe by any chance?

You have to give it to the guy though, if anything, Converse shoes will never go out of style so at least that was a good decision. However, of course it’s doubtful whether the decision to tattoo shoes on your feet was a good idea at all. But then again, it’s not our choice to make, and for whatever it’s worth, this guy might be super satisfied with his tattoo. That is all that matters. If not, there are some quite effective tattoo removal procedures that he could choose from. It’s a one of a kind for sure!


Via: [Geekologie]