Convert Photoshop Design to Webpage in Seconds

Looking for solutions that makes our lives better and a lot more efficient has always been my goal when I do write my articles.  Found a cool site named Base Kit.  Not all designers are developers so the tool will be a great help.  If you are having a hard time coding, then most probably this is the best tool to check out.

What is BaseKit?

Base Kit allows web designers, developers to create rich websites directly from Photoshop work that they have created.  According to their blog – The BaseKit platform also features a powerful and flexible website builder and website cms. Once you have imported or selected your design(s), you add content to pages through simple point and click, drag’n’drop techniques. The BaseKit editor allows for rapid but precise implementation of rich and dynamic content. You are given access to HTML and CSS code for further control.

All websites built on the BaseKit platform come with a website cms as standard. You have full permissions control over websites – so you can decide which elements your clients can edit, and which they cannot.

Build websites the BaseKit way – rich, dynamic websites in a fraction of the time – without having to code.

The tool was created by web designers for web designers so you can be assured that they truly understand the intricacies of creating rich, beautiful and truly functional website.  The site was created by their team because they saw the need of small and medium business owners.  Personally I think its a great idea.

Check out the video for detailed information.

BaseKit from BaseKit Team on Vimeo.