Coding Headaches? – Consider Using A Website Builder

Coding is an essential skill for web designers because it gives you complete control over every aspect of the website that you’re working on. But as a busy professional you know that efficiency matters. If you can deliver a high-quality product that the customer will love in a shorter amount of time, then you’re going to make more money and have more happy customers. This is where a website builder can make your life so much easier.

Website builders have become so advanced and so easy to use that it’s a no-brainer to put these amazing tools to use for you in your business. With a good builder, you can design websites in a fraction of the time that it would take you to code them all manually. Website builders give you hundreds if not thousands of templates and features that you can mix-and-match as you design a website, and this gives you a surprising amount of control in design but with convenient drag-and-drop functionality, with no coding involved.

Here are some reasons you should consider adding website builders to your arsenal of web design tools.

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Extremely Easy To Use – No Coding Skills Required

In your business, what is the main limiting factor that controls the amount of money you’re able to earn? It’s probably volume, isn’t it? Your earnings come in on a per-project basis. Sure, no two projects are exactly alike, but when it comes to the big picture, the more websites you can create and maintain, the more money you’re going to earn. So to bump up your earnings, you only have two options – you can increase your price per website, or you can increase your volume of websites produced. You need to do both, but you can only increase your rates so much before hitting the ceiling. Website builders enable you to create sites much faster, enabling you to take on more clients and do more business every month. That’s something worth looking into.

Wide Variety Of Modern Layout Templates

[pullquote]You’ll have literally hundreds – or even thousands – of slick, ready-to-use templates at your disposal if you use one or more website builders.[/pullquote] That might seem a little bit overwhelming at first, but once you’ve familiarized yourself with all the designs available, you’re sure to have many favorites that you’ll want to work with again and again. This will simply accelerate your learning curve and further reduce the amount of time it takes you to set up a site. And the best thing of all, you need no coding skills what so ever.

But even as you gravitate toward your favorite templates, you’ve still got a lot of flexibility within each template, enabling you to switch out different color schemes, fonts, and widgets. Drop in customized images, videos, icons and text to match your clients’ needs, and you can create a ton of unique looks within each template.

Hundreds Of Widgets, Apps, And Plugins

All of the top website builders give you tons of options to play around with so that you can add features to the site you’re working on with a simple click – whether it’s a customizable form to go on a specific page or a newsletter sign-up box for the sidebar. These cool, customizable mini-features add a huge degree of flexibility that allows you to make every site unique for your clients. And again, once you become familiar with all the different options open to you within each builder, your speed will pick up exponentially and allow you to explode your business in a surprisingly short period of time.

Whether you work with bloggers, e-commerce retailers, affiliate marketers, photographers or local home improvement contractors, there are website builders that have got you covered. If you haven’t already looked into them, go check out some reviews of the highest-rated website builders like the ones at The in-depth reviews there will give you all the details you need to find the right builders for your needs.

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