Could This Be The World’s Simplest And Thinnest iPhone Case?

I think by now I have pretty much covered the most expensive, the most durable, the largest and the most technological iPhone cases that I have been able to find. However, I have yet one more to process. As I’ve said many times before, Apple really opened up a new market when they released the first generation of the iPhone. Not only did people join in on the gold rush of apps, they also started to create iPhone skins and cases which Apple said would never become a part of the company line itself.

I don’t think anyone knows why Steve Jobs and his co-decision makers decided not to make their cash cow more customizable themselves since they could probably make many more millions doing it. Steve Jobs’s comment about it, if I remember correctly, was that they were ugly, and they wouldn’t bring anything to the design of the iPhone. It would only be cluttered and degraded by them.

So how about the world’s simplest and thinnest iPhone case ever created? Would that one be an option then perhaps? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, when you see it, you will marvel over the fact that people actually buy it and enjoy it. To me, it looks like nothing more than a rubber band named Just A Loop which has been renamed and bundled in numbers of four.

What protection and customization do you get for $13.00? I don’t really see more than a rubber band strapped around an iPhone. The best part with it; however, is that it works for pretty much any brand and model of your cell phone. If that’s not a great selling feature, then I should definitely never become a salesman. The question really is, would you use it?