This Is The World’s Largest Artwork Ever Constructed

Do you aspire to create the world’s largest artwork? Well, if you do, be prepared to create something that is bigger than at least 9 square miles. People who have seen elaborate crop circles and artwork know that these things can get quite complex, and they take a long time to plan and execute. However, they are in no way near the size that Jim Denevan works with when he is creating his artwork. Using a canvas or some other regular store product to create his masterpieces is just not an option for Jim.

He works on an epic scale, and his latest piece is of geometrical aerial patterns carved into the ice crust of Siberia’s Lake Baikal. It measures an impressive 9 square miles in size. The scale of the piece is just mind boggling, and if you want to experience the artwork first hand and in real life, I suggest that you cough up the money for the rental of a helicopter to take you up for a spin. I am sure that the memory of the view will etch itself into your mind forever.

If you can’t afford the first hand view, then of course there is an online way of experiencing Jim Denevan’s art. This video shows his latest piece, but check out Jim’s website for even more epic and fantastic artwork he’s created on the beaches of California, as well as in the Nevada Desert. Mind blowing!