Create a LookBook Now! Easy!

Here at Bit Rebels, we like helping people discover applications and sites that can help them with their passion, careers, dreams etc.  Aside from the advertising and design crowd that I am fortunate to interact with everyday, I also have the wonderful opportunity to meet models, photographers, fashion designers and stylists who are friends and also people I have worked with on past projects.  Their world is quite fascinating and also very demanding.  They are always on the look out for new trends and great styles.  They also have to showcase their wonderful collections and portfolios, but having enough time is a problem, as well as the skills to build a site.  Good thing there is Clashe!

Clashe is a website for fashion professionals to build online portfolios without having to hire work from web servers, developers and designers. On Clashe, fashion designers, photographers, models and stylists can create an online lookbook to build credibility, promote their products and services, and make a sale.

Clashe was built for emerging fashion professionals who are serious about promoting themselves. The largest challenge towards breaking into the fashion industry is credibility. The most fundamental questions are always the same. Who are you? What have you done? How long have you been doing this? Where have you worked? And the most important: Why should we work with you?

Now the up and coming fashion professionals will get the chance to share what they have created or the models can have a portfolio easily and without any hassle!  One can share photos as well as videos.  Just sign up and you are ready to go!