Creative Mac Laptop Typographic Stickers

I love my MacBook Pro, but I’m not a fan of how boring it looks on the outside. As often as I carry my computer with me, it’s kind of a fashion accessory, and I think it would be fun to dress it up a little with some creativity.

A few months ago, I wrote an article entitled Tattoos For Your Mac Laptop. It featured some very cool MacBook etchings that, in my opinion, brought a whole new dimension to the laptop.

In this article, I am showcasing another very cool way to dress up your MacBook Pro. I’ve seen a lot of laptop stickers in the past, but this is really the nicest designed collection I’ve come across. I really like the typography on these stickers, which also protect your computer from scratches. They are designed by Romain Ferrer for Hu2 Design. Nice job!

[via technabob, designyoutrust]