Cup Noodle Robotimer Transformer: You Didn’t Know You Want This

When I went to China several months ago, one thing I remember was being served a hot cup noodle and chopsticks on the plane for a snack. I had never had a cup noodle before, but since everyone around me was gobbling it up, I decided to try it. It was a pretty tasty little cup of noodles.

I learned today that not only have these cup noodles been around for 40 years, they require a certain amount of skill to cook correctly. Sure, it seems like they could be popped in the microwave with some hot water, but apparently it’s trickier than that. Thank goodness Japanese company Vstone created a robotic-transformer cup noodle timer so we never have to eat improperly cooked noodles again.

According to the bottom of this page I ran through Google translate, these are hard to get in Japan, which means they’ll be even harder for us to get on this side of the world. Bummer. I wanted to get like 50 of them to make a cup noodle robot army like in the video below. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Japan, and win the lottery system they are using to give these away, you’ll just have to somehow find a way to live without this cute little Cup Noodle Robotimer in your life.

Noodles Robot From Japan

Noodles Robot From Japan

Via: [Technabob]