How A Custom T-Shirt Design Is Made [Infographic]

On our Facebook page, I usually post a lot of funny stuff that isn’t a part of our daily articles here on Bit Rebels (which is a good reason why you should become a part of our ever growing and engaging Facebook community). Some of the things I post there are clever, cool and custom made t-shirts. Some people have asked me where they can print their own t-shirts, and if we would feature them on Bit Rebels or on our Facebook page. Well, we feature the ones we think will give our audience a great laugh or the ones they can use (roughly). I thought I’d treat you to a pretty educating infographic that explains how you can print your own t-shirts and what the process is to create a custom t-shirt design.

This creative process is presented to us through this infographic called How A Custom Tee-Shirt Is Made and comes from RIPT Apparel (design by LinchpinSEO). We are taken through an 18-step process that starts at the beginning, where most people would think it would start, namely at the designing of whatever is going on the custom t-shirt design in the first place.

What follows is an in-depth look at each step until we finally arrive at the finished t-shirt. There are plenty of services out there that will take care of everything except the design step for you, which is probably the reason why so many people don’t know how a custom t-shirt design is created in the first place. You can of course put whatever you want on a t-shirt (as long as it is not copyright protected), and maybe that is why we have seen such an increase in creative, smart, clever, geeky, nerdy, funny and romantic t-shirts flood the Internet lately.

If you happen to know of a clever custom t-shirt design (or maybe you have designed one yourself) that we haven’t yet featured on our Facebook page, please don’t hesitate to send it to us at If you are looking to work up your own line of crazy and funny custom t-shirt designs, you’d do best in researching several different custom t-shirt design manufacturers so you get the best t-shirt quality and process for your buck.

Some people have gotten very good at creating custom art that covers pretty much the entire t-shirt (like Matthew Johnson over at Seventh Ink Apparel), but there are also t-shirts that have gone viral just because of their clever text, like the one that reads, “You Are The CSS To My HTML.” What you choose to create is of course entirely up to you. The more unique it is, the more it’s going to appeal to people. Crazy always does it they say.

RIPT Apparel’s Custom T-Shirt Design Infographic

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