Design Thinking

Sometimes we are so consumed with the ‘brilliant idea’ factor, that are eyes and minds don’t think of the obvious, the user experience or the common good of the products and services we design. Even though most of us are graphic and web designers, I find this (older) TED video by Paul Bennett, Creative Director at Ideo, is very much still alive and forward thinking and applicable to our mediums. Bennett reviews several client project, addressing the thought process and end-user experience when designing. Its a matter of shifting our thought process vs our ability to create beautiful graphics, websites and products.

Tim Brown, CEO at Ideo, speaks about “Design Thinking Inspires Innovation” He looks at the roots of design, why we design and that is not all about aesthetic. Its starts with human need. IDEO approaches design thinking like this: “Our focus lies at the intersection of insight and inspiration, and is informed by business, technology, and culture.”