What’s next in Design? | Think Big

Design is quite a big word. It is sometimes minimize the explanation to just lines on a piece of paper or even a simple website. Design is, has always been and always will be more than that. It’s everything around us. From the structure of your own body to the very waves if the sea. It never stops and nature by itself has its own way of progressing its design and structure. Sometimes with our help and sometimes to protect itself from harm. However, the design that us humans think up isn’t always as long lasting as the ones that our fairy mother earth designs. This is why Tim Brown thought a little more about it and delivers quite an astonishing speech at the TED community conference.

Watching it surely makes you think that those small and pesky design requests are quite obsolete if you want to hang in there for longer than just a fraction of a second in the ever changing landscape of design. Tim Brown asks us to think bigger. In a bigger perspective and in a broader light. It’s no longer the main issue to make design look good, work well but to actually engage people to use it. Make people connect through it and be a part of it.

That alone is a great description of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or any other web based service thought up from the start. The actual design comes second to the very way we connect through it. If we think just a little bigger I am sure our websites and projects could be so much more. So much more alive and would involve more people to use it. It has always been in Bit Rebels interest to engage and involve our visitors and we keep striving to complete the gap between the writers and the readers. In the future you will see even more changes and modifications on our site that will make you a bigger part of the Bit Rebels community. As a matter of fact I am working on some ideas right now. What they are? Well, for risk of someone else beating us to the chase I won’t reveal it here but you will know about it soon enough if you keep visiting us.