Design to WordPress Theme in Seconds

With the blogosphere growing and growing for each day there is an increasing demand for professional as well as free WordPress themes. Sometimes the best ones can be priced pretty high which sometimes works as a rejection for some to start a new blog. Even for seasoned designers the best themes can sometimes be a little bit too pricey to actually buy to be used for clients or your new reworked portfolio website.

Well, it turns out that there is a solution to this. I found a website that takes your Photoshop blog design and, in literally matter of second, turns it into a uploadable WordPress theme. Yup, that’s right. It’s such a great thing and I can’t believe I didn’t know about this one before. But, here it is and it’s called “psd2css Online“.

It’s features are growing for each day and it has become quite popular and this in a minor way affect the time it takes for the “engine” to convert your Photoshop design into a working WordPress theme. The end product is a simple Zip file containing everything that has been converted. You just have to unzip the file and ftp the content of it to your WordPress root directory as it has already the file structure set up. It’s that easy.

There are some guidelines you have to follow though in order for it to convert correctly but they are as simple as naming your Photoshop layers the right way. That should be it. I haven’t tried it out myself yet but I think the features of the “engine” isn’t super powerful which means that it doesn’t understand EVERYTHING you could do with CSS and WordPress design but should be great to create the overall theme design before you start adding those small details that takes a little bit more advanced coding.

Watch this short clip and then check out the website to familiarize yourself to the layout and the features. Once again, you can find the site right here: psd2css Online