Designer Must Have | Spaces For Ideas – Sketchbook

As a designer, I know that having a piece of paper around you to draw on is as important as having a brain to think with when you’re thinking up new, clever and fresh designs. Usually it’s an A4 sized paper that I use to sketch down everything that pops into my mind. I will, after a couple of hours, sift through everything just to get the most relevant and quality based stuff onto another piece of paper to start refining it. Ideas come at random times, so you should always be prepared to have some paper to draw on. If you are not used to using paper when designing, and if you just put everything down on your computer straight away, there is one important aspect you’re missing. The development of your ideas are never final when they are first born. Even great designs and concepts like Twitter itself has gone through many redesigns and refinements before becoming the force it is today.

Someone who really understands this is designer Brian Ling whose obsession with drawing stuff has clearly gone to the level where only greatness is to be expected. Brian thought that while you have big ideas in your head, paper never seems to be big enough for them to be put on. He reconnected with the thought and upgraded the sketchbook quite a bit. His idea is a sketchbook that unfolds into a bigger and bigger sized paper depending on how much you need. Your ideas will never again be too big to fit on your paper.

As a matter of fact, this is no longer just an idea. Brian is developing this idea right now and you can per-order your own “Spaces For Ideas” sketchbook now. It’s only $12.75 for one and $51 for 5 sketchbooks. It’s a total bargain if you ask me! Imagine all the real estate you get to fill with your ideas. May you never complain again about the size…hrm…