Doodle Much? Well, This Is What I Call A Sketchbook!

I know a few people on Twitter that are über talented when it comes to sketching and keeping all their work bundled up in a book. Each page is like a new story just waiting to be revealed and analyzed. The motifs and styles of course vary, but the theme is the same. Doodling and creating new designs are the common ground here. Doodling can be quite a relaxing endeavor and it usually ends up being something far beyond what you realized it would become. Some people like their sketchbooks to be tidy and neat, while others just doodle away and create several brain babies all on the same page.

If you were to try to categorize Irina Vinnik’s sketchbook, there are no words tidy enough to describe it. First of all, her “sketches” aren’t like other people’s and her style is nothing less than the ultimate definition of pure. The fact that there isn’t one single erased line showing is just unearthly. At first, I thought it was a printed book with refined and cleaned up illustrations in it, but as I got further down in the line of pictures, I was proven wrong and actually cursed myself for not believing it.

If her sketchbook looks like this, then oh god what does her home look like… let alone her work desk? It must be like walking into the heavenly halls or the dust free rooms at Intel. Either way, I can still not believe the elaborate designs she manages to doodle from the loveliest spaces of her mind.

Show me a sketchbook that is tidier and you will forever have my respect. Show me a cleaner pencil sketch and I will personally call you the master of everything that has to do with a pencil. I’d even go ahead and promote you to be the ruler of the pencil (ruler not meaning the measure device). Irina, you are officially the queen of tidiness.