Don’t Want To Be A Ghoul? Be A Bumblebee Instead!

When Halloween comes, most people I know either pick to be a zombie or a vampire for their Halloween costume. When I was younger, that was what my parents would let me be. When we got tired being that year after year, we opted to become the super heroes that we watched every Saturday morning. I was either Wonder Woman or, would you believe, Spider-Man. My younger sister was always the little pixie girl, the ballerina or a little princess.

My friend and office mate  @Vimags21 is obsessed with anything that has bumblebees or lady bugs on it. She has all sorts of trinkets around her desk, and she is thrilled to get these as gifts for her birthday or Christmas. She shared a video today of what she wants to wear this year on Halloween since we get the chance to wear our costumes at the office for the day. I thought it was a great idea to share how we can transform into a bumblebee.

Here is a step-by-step guide created by Michelle Phan. Enjoy! Maybe you can share with us here your own personal look once you get the chance to create it. So if you don’t want to be a ghoul this year, try becoming a bee instead!