Double Phone: The Cell Phone That Never Runs Out Of Battery!

If we all had a say in the creation of a new cell phone, I am sure that the list would be infinitely long with features ranging from both touch screen and qwerty keyboard to 3D high definition cameras. As said, the list could run on forever, but there are some features that I think everyone could actually agree on. The technology in various areas are progressing at an elevated speed; however, there is one field that seems to take longer than others to leap into new technology. I don’t know if it’s a way to stall it all together to make us spend more money on it, but the fact that batteries still have to be charged by “plugging-in” in most cases is still beyond me.

With solar panels being as efficient as they are today, it is quite ludicrous that we are not using them to further and actively charge our phones whenever we’re in contact with the sun. It would be the perfect constant charging system that would let your phone be charged even if you’re on the phone and not even remotely close to a power outlet.

ZTE Corporation, a rather brilliant group of people, have been tinkering with the idea and come up with the ultimate phone that will break the mold for how a cell phone is charged. Since the entire back of it is covered in solar cells, all you have to do is to expose it to the sun and you’re good to go. No more adapters, no more outlets, just pure online time. Another neat feature is that it’s foldable 360 degrees. This way, you can charge it anyway you want and still be able to see the screen where you do your work. It’s brilliantly executed if you ask me. No wonder it’s a Red Dot Concept Design winning entry. This is unfortunately still only a concept.