Braaaiiinsss! How To Draw A Cartoon Zombie [Chart]

It’s that time of year again when it’s okay to walk around like you’re dead. You can even add a little fake blood and rip your clothes because probably nobody will think you’re strange. Actually, for the past few years, zombies have been popular all year round, not just during the Halloween season. Zombie cosplay is very popular, and some people dress up like zombies a lot, just for fun. I read an article a few days ago written by Andrea Robinson (one of our guest writers here on Bit Rebels) that said drawing and doodling is a great way to jumpstart our creativity. So, if dressing up like a zombie isn’t your style, how about draw a cartoon zombie? It sounds good to me.

Mark Anderson from Andertoons provides this great cartoon zombie tutorial which looks super easy. If you’ve got 5 minutes or less, just follow these 12 simple steps and you’ll have your own cartoon zombie. On second thought, draw about twenty of them, add some old tombstones, a scary witch and a bright moon and you’ll have a whole Halloween scene.

I’m not very good at drawing, but I think even I could follow these steps. I’m sure kids would have fun with this too. This little guy is really cute, so they kiddies would probably really like him. If you like this guide, you can also check out some of Mark’s other cartoon tutorials. My other favorites are his Cartoon Batman and his Cartoon R2-D2. If you want to read out some more zombie loveliness, click over to see these Zombie Slippers and these gory Zombie Bed Sheets. Oh, and there was the couple I wrote about a few years ago who had a romantic Zombie Wedding. By now, they probably have a few kids who like to dress up as zombies too. Zombies FTW!

Draw Your Own Cartoon Zombie



Via: [The Presurfer]