Ear Guards: Keeps Bugs From Nesting In Your Ears!

Just when you thought you had secured your world from invasion, you uncover yet another, possibly lethal, encounter. You see, until now I have always felt secure when I got my few hours of sleep each night. Upon waking up, I’ve always thought that I had not been visited by aliens, burglars or any other kind of stealth attackers. To prevent my dream world from becoming yet another nightmare, the secure feeling of falling into a sea of serenity has always been quite easy for me. However, after this, I have second thoughts about what kind of dangers sleep is putting me in contact with. But it’s like Einstein once said, it’s all relative, right?

To conquer problems there are always solutions for everything, and this is by no means an exception. Bugs live entirely to invade your ears, and to settle down and build a city to breed in. At least that’s the message from the developers and sellers of the Ear Guards. It’s a plastic cover for both of your ears that will keep unwanted bugs from crawling inside and building their nests.

For the geeky price of just $3, you can get your very own set and sleep happily ever after. That being said; however, the Ear Guards won’t save you if bugs are already inside your ears and even less if they have already started to colonize. So, if you are worried about the invasion of bugs into your ears, and the harm they can cause, then I suggest you immediately scurry over to their website and “kaching” yourself a pair of Ear Guards. You never know, right?!