Elaborate Art Created From Colored Rice

I feature a lot of different types of art on Bit Rebels, and I always try to find the most unique creations out there. I look for the kind of artwork that will inspire us to open our minds and think in ways we may not have thought before.

This art below is going to completely blow your mind. Rice farmers in Japan have started planting their ancient rice in patterns so that when viewed from above, it creates stunning pictures.

There are even corporations that are paying the farmers to create commercial advertisements with their rice patterns. Some farmers rent out their entire field to a company and then hire an artist to come in and plant the rice. I think this artistic trend is the most creative one I’ve seen in a while. I can see how a farmer would get bored with corn paintings and crop circles, but to me, the precision and intricacy of this process challenges the talent of some of the most well known artists.

Once the rice is harvested, the artwork is gone.

According to http://pinktentacle.com, this 41 second time lapse video shows, “images captured daily from June 1 to July 3, 2008 via a roof webcam.” This will give you a feel for how this art evolves. It is a slow and deliberate process.