Everything you know about Web Design is WRONG!

Have you been working as a freelancer or otherwise in the web design industry for several years? Have you learned the trade by looking at what everyone else does? Well, as Dan Willis says in this quite controversial speech at the 2009 SXSWi event -“Everything you know about web design is wrong!“. What he means is that if we are to progress in the web design business we need to try new things. Just as the movie makers struggled to break free from the theater, designers are doing the same thing today.

The era of “presentation” web design is over and we need to find the next generation web design in order for the business to keep developing and evolve. Too many people have stagnated inside the, up to, 10 year old way of thinking that web design is all about presentations.

Watching this clip is quite inspiring however be prepared to listen carefully. The guy speaks at the speed of light and the sound quality is somewhat horrid. However, do take the time to watch it. It’s only 4:44 minutes long and it has tons of pointers and ideas how we should “dare” more. Try new things, if only for a while. Amazon does it, so why can’t we. Be original.