Fascinating Celebrity Look-A-Like Photography

It seems Chris Buck’s photography is in almost every major magazine. Everyone wants a piece of him these days. I’ve seen many portfolios of celebrity look-a-like photographs, but I’ve never seen any like these before.

This veteran photographer shows he is still edgy and relevant with his “Isn’t” collection of portraits. Look closely; none of these photographs are of the celebrity you think. They are all look-a-likes that are brilliantly posed in a way that captures the humanity and vulnerability of the actual celebrity.

According to Chris, “Vulnerability draws you in. It’s just like a person who is humble – they make you curious about what they are going to reveal.” You can read a fabulous in-depth interview with Chris here. All of Chris Buck’s work is unusual and interesting, but this collection, to me, is some of his finest work. It really just goes to show that a photograph can tell as much of a story, if not more, than words themselves. You can learn more about Chris on his website at http://chrisbuck.com.

[Main Image Source: WhatsWear]