Flip Notebook: The Coolest Notebook A Geek Could Have!

We may have our computers to help us for our presentations and for taking documentations in meetings, but a notebook is our best friend when it comes to writing our to do list, especially when our batteries run out. A notebook is also a good thing to have to write our journal entries and, of course, to draw our doodles!

Everyone on our team at the office has at least one notebook to write in. In this digital age, a notebook is still a crucial instrument to have, especially if you want to organize your chaotic schedule. My notebook is a black 5 x 7 inch no line notebook, for the obvious reason that I want to be able to draw when I feel inspired.

I found a very cool 2-in-1 notebook that flips and is reversible. One side has 64 lined pages, with a red cover, and just like magic, flip it and the cover turns black with 64 pages of blank pages! Amazing right?! The RevolveR reversible notebook allows you to have two separate notebooks, but you will only need to carry one!