Now Your Kids Can Be Creative Even When On The Go

I notice that my friends are always impressed with people who can draw.  Drawing comes easily for some people, while it takes others a long time to get the hang of it.  I love to draw and doodle.  I guess I was just lucky that I started learning how to do it at a young age.  I am not a natural artist, but I learned a few skills from taking workshops when I was 6 years old.  My parents saw that I liked making my own paper dolls and copying characters from comics and storybooks, so whenever there was a workshop available during summer break, they always encouraged me to attend.

If you feel your kids are the type who like to doodle, and if you would like to help them develop their skills even further, here is a neat tool that you can get for them.  It’s called Doodles To Go.  It is available at Vat 19 for $12.95.  The book has a sturdy cover that can handle any wear and tear.  The real beauty of the book is that it comes with 31 doodle projects and step-by-step instructions.  It also has a pen and perforated pages which will allow your kids to tear a page of their drawings out of the book and display it.  Now when you go on a long trip, you can bring Doodles To Go and allow your child to have hours and hours of fun learning and being creative.

Doodles To Go For Kids

Doodles To Go For Kids

Image Credit: [Cherry-Merry / Shutterstock]