For Serious Sticky Note Addicts – Gigantic Sticky Notes

Earlier today Richard wrote an article entitled, “Disk-it: The Most Creative Post-It Notes Ever.” I would like to issue a challenge, because I think I’ve found something to show you that might rival those cute diskette sticky notes.

If you are a sticky note fanatic like me, you may have experienced what I’m about to describe. How many times have you had so many sticky notes stuck to your desk and your monitor that you forgot some important things because there were just too many to keep up with?

Well say hello to these gigantic sticky notes! You can’t miss these no matter where you stick them. This post-it note spawn, which is a 12-inch square, is 36 times the size of the original post-it note.

Now if you have something important, you can write it on a regular sticky. If you have something very important, you can write it on a very large sticky. It all seems so logical. I can’t stop laughing as I’m typing this. You can purchase an 80-sheet pad for only $9.95 at If you would like to watch a very sweet 3 minute movie about true love created in a sea of sticky notes, check this out: An Unusual Office Romance.