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Found these cool Tshirts.  So cool it tips the geek scale LOL. The Space Invader is a classic iconic image, instantly recognisable to anyone, and once you turn the T-Shirt on so it’s flashing you really will be hard pushed to find anything that says “Retro Cool” more effectively. The T-Shirt is powered by 4 x AAA Batteries (not included), and the battery pack is discreetly hidden away in a pocket hidden inside the shirt. This can be easily removed to allow the shirt to be hand washed. This T-shirt makes a great gift for anyone whether they remember playing the original arcade game, enjoy video games in general, or just want to stand out in a crowd. The flashing Space Invader makes it perfect for clubbing, or wearing in darkened rooms.

Tshirt2We all like doing things to our own beat, and now you can tap one out wherever you are with this great Drum Kit T-Shirt. This portable percussion piece features a picture of a drumkit consisting of 5 drums and 2 cymbals, each producing a different sound when tapped. The drum panel is powered by 4 x AAA Batteries which are then hidden away neatly within the T-Shirt. The battery pack can be removed from the shirt to enable washing when required.Tshirt1

This Star Trek T-Shirt has a thin electro luminescence panel that creates a super-bright and lightweight sci-fi beacon. A tiny battery pack is cleverly hidden in the lining of the shirt for maximum comfort, this can be easily removed to allow the t-shirt to be washed should you need to clean any Klingons from the starboard bow, or anywhere else for that matter.

The Star Trek Enterprise T-shirt is powered by 4 x AAA batteries. Thankfully unlike the Dilithium crystals used in Warp Drives, these can be purchased from our site along with the t-shirt, so you needn’t ever worry about not having the power to be flashier than your fellow Trekkies.