Hair Brand Recognition: Iconic Haircuts That Can’t Be Duplicated

We talk about brand recognition a lot since it plays a huge role in our lives. It affects not only our daily buying decisions, but also which brands we trust and feel connected to. Some brands make us feel warm and cozy, while others make our skin crawl. For example, I love the brands Twitter and Patagonia. I don’t like the brands Facebook and Walmart. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a certain logo to make our day. The proof of this is the smile that appears on a child’s face when he or she sees the golden arches which we all recognize as McDonald’s.

Some people believe that this is going to continue in the future and become so extreme that we won’t be able to look anywhere without seeing a brand. It’s like that a little bit now, but as augmented reality continues to evolve, some say it will hit us like a ton of bricks in years to come. If you want to see for yourself what I’m talking about, just watch the example in the video on Making Tea In An Augmented Reality World. It’s enough to make you dizzy.

Brand recognition comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, but one thing I never associated with it before was hair. Donald Trump has some brand recognition going on with his famous comb-over, but other than him, it never crossed my mind until today. As it turns out, there are several characters who rock their brand recognition with their hair. Artist Patricia Povoa, who lives in Portugal, put together this collection of iconic haircuts with copyright privileges called Copyrighted Famous Hairs. In other words, nobody else can really choose these haircuts since they “belong” to these characters, in a brand recognition kind of way. Could you imagine any other character trying to pull off the Marge Simpson or Princess Leia hairdo? It ain’t happening. These are great!








Via: [thaeger]