Funky Cool Belt Buckles Made From License Plates

We write a lot about recycling on Bit Rebels. It’s very interesting to do a search on this site for the word “recycle,” and look at the articles in order of when they were written. It’s fascinating to me that we can see the progression of how people around the world are getting more and more original and fun with what they create from things they’ve found in a dumpster or things that other people have thrown away.

Like Richard always says in his articles, finding a new purpose for a thing that is “all used up” requires a little creativity, but it’s worth it since you can breathe an entire new life into something that would be considered garbage otherwise. The woman behind the Etsy store “Vintage in Retrospect” knows all about this concept. According to her bio on the site, she says, “I love rejected things. I scour garage sales, thrift stores and vintage racks. I rescue things from the side of the road. I look both ways before diving into dumpsters.

Some of her favorite things to recycle are old license plates. She turns them into fabulous belt buckles! Every single belt buckle you see below is hand made from a license plate. Since she lives in Michigan, most of these are made from Michigan license plates. I have no idea how she does this, but I give her huge props! She sells them here for so inexpensively too. These just might be the coolest belt buckles ever.

[via Cool Material]