Ultimate Dumpster Diving: Dumpsters Repurposed Into Pools

We’ve written about a lot of bizarre yet interesting recycled and repurposed projects before, but I’ve never seen anything like this. These fabulously redesigned dumpsters take the concept of dumpster diving to whole new level.

This is a dumpster I would actually look forward to climbing into. The inside isn’t dirty and scummy like a typical dumpster, instead, it’s completely gorgeous and pristine with new tiles and fresh water. The exterior is left untouched and in its original and somewhat nasty state. Artist Louisa Dawson creates these pools and puts them in public spaces. The project is called Temporary Displacement.

The icky looking outside and the beautiful looking inside of each dumpster are connected together with a simple stainless steel ladder. This idea plays with our minds as we ponder what is really dirty and what isn’t, and all the social implications that go along with those thoughts. If you were playing in the park with your dog on a hot, summer day and if this dumpster swimming pool was right there inviting you to get in and cool off, would you? Or, would you feel like it would be a downgrade to step into a dumpster? I’d be in that sucker in about two seconds. I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. As a matter of fact, I think it would fun! What a brilliant way to recycle and repurpose.



Via: [Broadsheet] [Okeanos Aquascaping]