Gorgeous Vintage Sci-Fi Posters Of Modern Classics

I recently saw the new Prometheus movie at the theater, and I must say that I was both excited and yet a little sad since it didn’t quite reach my expectations. I had been looking forward to the movie for about 2 years, ever since Ridley Scott announced the project. Unfortunately, it shifted focus somewhere in the middle and went from being a prequel to the Alien series to a stand alone movie that was based on the Alien universe, at best. The movie had every flavor any sci-fi geek could ever want though, there’s no doubt about that. It was just that it lacked the fear factor that Alien incorporated so well. Maybe it was thanks to Sigourney Weaver that Alien became such a huge hit when it was released. We can only speculate.

When it comes to sci-fi geekery, I have always been a sucker for posters. We have published a lot of them here on Bit Rebels over the years, and they are always mind-boggling in their own way. To further commemorate this awesome movie genre, I decided to venture out to see if I could find some “new” vintage movie posters that might excite us all. I think I found just the right thing to get us ready for the coming batch of sci-fi movies that are being shot at this very moment.

They come from an artist who calls himself Riddler645. He decided to pay tribute to the old school movies that we all call classics today. They could have totally been the sci-fi mastery of posters back in the day when each of these three movies were released in the cinemas. I especially like the Alien one, but that could be because I am such a huge Alien fan and have probably seen that particular movie a couple of hundred times by now. It just never gets old. So, enjoy these quite fantastic retro movie posters and know there are a crap load of sci-fi movies coming out soon.




Via: [Geek-Art]


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    Puddin Tane 8 years

    These are depictions of paperback books, not movie posters. Nice art work.