Green Design | Old Tires Transformed Into Chairs

Yesterday I wrote an article about a designer that creates 3-piece furniture sets from discarded, broken shopping carts. If you would like to see the fabulous pictures of these chairs, you can check them out here: Interior Design | Recycled Shopping Carts

Today, as a follow up, I would like to showcase another designer who is making a difference and helping the environment by also creating beautiful furniture with what some people would consider trash.

Carl Menary found a way to create a comfortable chair out of an old tire and two recycled wheel nuts, and voila, this chair for Re-tyre was born. It is so simple. He just folds the tire and then uses the two wheel nuts to keep it in place. This may not be the most practical looking chair, but you’ve got to give him an A for effort.

As you probably know, old tires are very hard to recycle. Rubber tire disposal is a problem for landfills everywhere. Many times they end up being burned which releases dangerous toxins into the air. Re-tyre is an alternative which is not only better for the environment, but it creates wonderful conversation pieces to use as outdoor furniture in public parks or even on our own patios.