Here’s a Twist For Every Designer | SketchySkin

Post-It’s, A4, blocks of paper and a mountain of sketches laying around showcasing your latest icons, wire frames and ideas… there’s no end to the number of sketches that every designer draws up to perfect their idea to the very core. It has to be perfect and it’s vital for the project and continued client relationship that the new design is solid and without weak points. This is exactly how every designer is living their everyday life and there is no getting around it.

But, there’s a new sheriff in town and it tells of a promise of order and functionality. It is one of the most original new tools I have seen this year (2010 has only been around for like a month I know) and I am all excited about it. So much even that I can’t wait to order one for all my designer friends as well. This tool is sure to bring some smiles and peace to your soul if your day is made up of looking for that one design you sketched out just a few hours ago and now already lost in the piles of drawings laying around in your office and on your desk.

The solution is quite genius and simple (as good inventions usually are) and it comes in the form of a laptop skin that doubles as a note book. So your notebook becomes a note book if you will. The twist is really that you can still work on your laptop while this skin is attached to your laptop which gives you an all in one solution. For a designer this idea is the most pristine kind and promises a sure way of always having some paper to doodle on when you’re on the train, waiting for a meeting or whatever you are doing.