Hidden Images | Do you see them?

When I first saw this simple but still amazing clip I was struck by a weird feeling. A feeling that really caught me off guard. I felt as I was using both of my brain halves at once even though it is said you can’t do that. But try looking at these pieces of artwork yourself and you will feel the same way. To capture the two images in your head at the same time is hard if you not instantly locate the two images. Whether you see it quickly or not is really a simple way to acknowledge the way you think. If you are used to capturing unusual and hidden patterns you will be able to locate the two images quite fast. However if you are used to, in a more mathematical manner, detect pattern this will be a bit of a struggle for you. It’s because your brain isn’t used to process patterns in form of pure visual content.

If you are among the ones that sees the images quick it doesn’t mean you are smarter than the people who don’t. It only means you are more creatively structured and used to seeing things in a more visual way. People with mathematical skills usually behave differently when they visualize things. So, have a look and get to know your brain a little more. Enjoy!