High Speed Photographs Taken At The Moment Of Impact

High speed photography and video seem to be hot right now. Every day I see new collections of photographs making the rounds on Twitter. Just like with any trend that becomes popular, the competition is fierce, and we are getting very picky about what impresses us when it comes to this photography technique.

We’ve featured several articles about high speed splash photography with slow motion pictures of water and paint. I remember earlier this month I wrote about a very captivating video featuring falling gelatin cubes in an article called Stunning Slow Motion Video: Gelatin Cubes Jiggle Your Brain.

When I saw these photographs on Flickr, I instantly knew I had to share them with you. This is the Moment Of Impact photography by Alan Sailer. There are several things about these photographs that are fascinating. First of all, he took these pictures in his garage with a pellet gun. Next, he used a Nikon D90 camera with a homemade microsecond flash that he built for about $300 after reading articles on the Internet. He takes these pictures from only a few inches away.

You can learn more about Alan by checking out his Flickr page. He’s now gotten calls and emails from media outlets around the world that are interested in his work. He says, “It was very stressful.” I think the best part of the whole thing is the DIY aspect. Very nice Alan!

Exploding Cashew Nut

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Painted Ornament

Artistic High Speed Photography

Play-Doh Hits Clay

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Unusual Chess Board

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Lime And A Slab Of Beef

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Ornament Crashes On Keyboard

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Lime And A Lightbulb

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Glass And Plastic Flowers Destroyed By A Candle

Artistic High Speed Photographs

Via: [Boing Boing]