How 2,000 Watercolor Paintings Became An Awesome Animation!

These days when pretty much every artist is releasing a song every month (it seems), it’s ever clear that people are constantly trying to think up new concepts for their videos in order to capture the attention of their audience. It’s vital for their survival as artists, and more often than not, they fall victim to the rapid speed a hit single becomes yesterday’s news. Some people think that everything has already been done at one time or another, so they just copy what other people do. Those are the types of artists that most likely won’t survive their second single.

Then we have artists like Breakbot who continuously cranks out the awesomeness in terms of music and art. This time, they really wanted to do something different and decided to hire artist and animation expert, Irina Dakeva (of Wizz Design), to help capture the awesomeness of their music in pictures.

And she totally did. To be exact, she captured it in 2,000 watercolor paintings that form a truly amazing animation and portraits their music in the finest of ways. It wasn’t easy though. It took Irina 3 months to paint the 2,000 watercolor paintings. Putting them together in sync to the music wasn’t exactly easy as pie either. So when you’re watching this truly inspirational video, remember the hard work she put in to it. I am blown away!