How To Make Your Emails Look More Confident

Email is a popular form of professional communication. Whether you are a brand promoting your upcoming webinar or an individual seeking a job or an employee that wants a raise, one thing that will make you stand out is your confidence. Just like your confidence is important in all in-person interactions, it is equally important in all email communications as well.

Starting from choosing the perfect text for your email, which balances between polite and confident in choosing the perfect email signature that balances between marketing and highlighting is key. It’s one thing to show confidence in person, but it is a whole different thing to show confidence in text.

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How do you distinguish between confidence and showing-off? Here is a guide on how to make your emails look more confident so that you put your best version forward in each email without going overboard.

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Use The Subject Line Space Wisely

The subject line is the opening statement of your email, so use it to your benefit. Entice your prospects or clients or readers to open your email. Make it easy to understand what is the email by providing a trailer like the subject line. When you draft your subject line, understand your core business, and draft something that intrigues and challenges readers but not at the cost of your business.

Think of how many unread emails you have in your inbox, and ask yourself why you did not read them. Chances are you are not interested in what the sender has to say. Why? Because the subject line did not do a good enough job enticing you. Use the subject line space wisely and increase your email open rates and, ultimately, the bottom line of your business.

Write Like You Mean Business

Once you have drafted a winning subject line and enticed your reader to open your email, the next step is to continue exuding confidence through your language. Avoid using unnecessary acronyms and try your best behaving like you mean business because you do. The goal of your email is to add value to your readers by highlighting the importance of your brand in their lives.

Make sure you keep the fundamentals of business email communications in place and always project your brand in a positive light. The initial step is identifying what you are going to say, and the next step is how you are going to say it. Package your emails with more confident language like you mean business and put the best foot forward with each email.

Use An Email Signature To Showcase Your Personality

Email signatures are a great way to share added information about your brand and your personality. A personal email signature adds to your brand, and it is a great way to show the face behind the email. Add a professional photo of yours, include important social media profiles (like LinkedIn), highlight your call to action or CTA and include any promotional banners that will add value to your emails.

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Establishing yourself as an authority and using an email signature to showcase your personality will show that you are confident about yourself and your brand. This will encourage prospects or clients or readers to see the face behind the emails and encourage them to browse through your online presence. Use email signatures to your benefit and make your emails come across as more confident with this simple addition.

Always Proofread Your Emails, Even Short Ones

Remember, each time you interact with your prospects or clients, it is a brand reinforcement opportunity. With emails, you are showcasing your brand entirely through your email content. You never know where a typo might be hidden, so proofread your emails.

The last thing you want your prospect or client to think is that you do not care, and typos unintentionally give off this vibe. Whether it is a newsletter or a quick announcement, always proofread your emails. You want your prospects and customers to see that you care and that you are a professional. Proofreading emails will ensure that both of these things are achieved.

In fact, there are plenty of apps available to ensure minor proofreading is taken care of. Though seemingly minor proofreading emails will establish you as an authority and will make your emails look more confident. The more trust you gain, the more likely your audience will trust you with their dollars.

Limit The Use Of Jokes And GIFs

When establishing yourself as an authority that is confident, you have to mix it up a bit and take a few risks. Though placing a joke or GIFs once in a blue moon can help with your email content mix, overusing can make you come across as an amateur. It is okay to start an email with something that tickles the funny bone, but do not overdo and jeopardize your credibility.

For example, if you have a giveaway or a reward for some action, a wrapped up gift box in the form of a GIF can entice readers. Alternatively, a light seasonal joke that does not offend anyone can lighten the mood and set the tone for the holidays for your brand.

The purpose is to trigger interest, but at the same time, ensure your company does not lose the credibility it has gained in all previous brand interactions. Use jokes and GIFs sparingly and wisely to make your emails look more confident and win more customers.

Make Sure The Email Body Is Well-Structured

Just like your email marketing campaign should have a clear goal, plan of action and outcome, your email needs to have a clear flow of ideas. Each email should have a proper opening, clear body, a solid conclusion, and a fitting sign-off. After reading your email, your audience needs to feel like they have gained value, and there should be a clear CTA for each email.

The art of being confident comes from having clarity in your actions. If you have a well thought out email that flows well, you will come across as confident, and you will guide your readers towards where you want them to be.

For example, break up your email into shorter chunks so your readers can easily follow along. Focus on structuring your email well so that your readers can follow along, and you can come across as more confident.

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Confidence comes from clarity in thoughts and having a clear plan of action. Each email is an opportunity to win new customers and retain existing ones. If you build quality content that exudes confidence, then you will achieve this goal. Ultimately making your emails look more confident will help keep your customers happy, and you will improve your bottom line.

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