How To: Create 3D Textures In Photoshop CS5

The power of Photoshop was forever increased with the release of Photoshop CS5. The features it sports are some of the finest you will find in the industry, and it makes it easier for the beginner to get started creating stunning and elaborate compositions. Adobe focused a lot on usability and eased up on the learning curve in order to make it easier for more novice users to be able to create professional artwork as well.

This micro tutorial shows how powerful Photoshop has become, and how you as a designer can easily and effectively create instant 3D textures with literally just a click of a button. Sure, there is always room for improvement, but this demonstrates the power that the designer now has when creating his or her content.

It’s a great way to create your 3D textures for larger projects, and to make sure they wrap themselves seamlessly into the object you have intended it for. Previously, you’ve had to create it in Photoshop, then import it into your 3D software, and then try it out to be certain that it fits your object snugly. Lately though, there are softwares like Z-Brush that ease up this process, but now we have Photoshop to do the work for us. Mess around with Photoshop CS5, and you’ll see that things just got a whole lot easier.