How To: Create a Fire Effect | Photoshop

Fire is one of the hardest elements to create in Photoshop and several designers and artists have tried to experiment with different tools and plug-ins in order to create the very best and believable effect yet portrayed. There are some really expensive plug-ins that you can use to create realistic fire effects but that’s not what we’re after. We’re after a solution that is free and really returns a classic and realistic effect in just a few steps.

I tried finding some tutorials that really dealt with this and I think I found some really great ones that might spark some inspiration. Knowledge is king and all knowledge should be free…if you ask me. It is usually a great thing to combine several tutorials in order to get the very best result and that’s why I have tried to find a few really good ones. Try and combine these and if you think you’ve come up with a really great way to create a fiery effect in Photoshop we would love for you to create a tutorial about it. If you do hit us up and we’ll be sure to feature your tutorial right here on Bit Rebels.