How To: Create A Recycled Wine Cork Christmas Wreath…

I recently wrote an article about how you could use 175 wine corks to create a bathroom mat. As you might imagine, that would either take a lot of drinking, or a lot of money wasted pouring out the wine in the sink. Either way, it’s quite a creative little tutorial. However, there is more. That little bundle of air tight sealing for wine bottles does more than what meets the eye. Recycling is a wonderful thing when you know what to do with old stuff that is no longer useful. If you think about it, pretty much every new and fresh gadget has, at some point, been built up of old fragments of stuff. Take the first Apple computer for example, it was built out of old wood and parts. Today… well you know the story.

Here’s another use for those leftover corks from the parties you would rather forget. You can create a Christmas ornament by gluing the corks onto a wreath. Add a ribbon to it, and you’re all set. It’s probably not the most beautiful Christmas wreath you have ever seen, but then again, it’s recycled so you can brag about your environmentally friendly way of celebrating Christmas.

The number of corks all depends on the size of the wreath you use, so it’s a good idea to save up a lot of them. That’s a reason for having yet another party with your friends. Or, even geek out asking your local bar for their leftover corks. On second thought, maybe not. My only question is, what kind of message this thing will send to your neighbors? I mean, that many corks must have come from somewhere, right? #JustSaying This tutorial is brought to you by Nikki, In Stitches. A brilliant do it yourself resource for any crafter.