Bath Mat: The Wonderful Recycled Use Of 175 Wine Corks

Finding alternate uses of things that you would normally just throw away is not exactly an easy task. We have touched on the subject before, and it always boils down to a creative and brilliant idea. If we all just spent a little time on the idea of recycling, I am sure the world would be way better off and actually start to recover from the industrial breakdown happening to the environment. However, that is easier said than done. Maybe someday we will see that, but until then, I guess we will just see creative ideas like this one utilizing the expired original use of a wine cork.

There is a grand tutorial on Craftynest, and it will most likely awaken the creativity in you. In just 5 steps, you will have turned 175 wine corks into a water resilient and edgy interior designed bath mat that will have your visitors marveling over your creativity. The question is really if they will believe you created it yourself.

They will most likely ask you where you bought it, and that is probably the second hardest thing to deal with when it comes to this mat. You can always spotlight yourself by knowing you really created it, and that it will have a personal touch in your bathroom. Also, you will have the memories from every single cork in that mat. When you are in the bathroom, instead of reading that magazine, relive the memories of each one of those corks instead. Hmm, the hardest part is probably to collect all the corks. For a guy like me that would take years! I guess my bathroom floor will be without its cork mat for a few more years.