How to Create Tileable Textures | Photoshop

I use a ton of textures when I design a website or a more elaborate design. Even when I am working in 3D (Lightwave) I am of course using a boatload of textures to wrap my models in. Creating the right kind of texture usually takes a lot of time if you don’t know the trade or the secrets behind some very interesting and useful tools available in Photoshop. This was the reason I started looking for some useful clips on how to actually create usable tileable textures in Photohop.

One thing to remember when shooting your own texture is to make sure you find the spot on your surface to be photographed that has as few recognizable features as possible. This will make sure work goes smooth and that you don’t have to go in and change some parts of the texture in Photoshop before you attempt to create a tile of it. A little bit of planning goes a long way if you just take the time for it.

Now go ahead and try out these short tutorials. They are quite useful and it yields a lot of power if you practise the trade in order to master the tools of Photoshop. Oh, and even if it’s a texture tutorial for “SketchUp” as well it’s how you create the tileable textures in Photoshop that is the main feature of this video tutorial.