How To Create Your Own Super Mario Papercraft Automaton

It’s time to get all up in our creativity people. It’s been a while since we got into some really cool papercraft, and I thought I’d bring it up once again. As you know, we’ve featured quite a lot of papercraft in the past, and people seem to really enjoy a bit of handcrafted awesomeness. It’s not like there is a shortage of things to feature, it’s just that we haven’t gotten around to it lately. But it’s time to switch that up again and get into it all with scissors, glue and of course some badass patterns that with a little bit of paper will become something you can have a lot of fun with as a geek.

So what is it that we’re going to learn today? Well, we’re not completely going to leave what we are all into here on Bit Rebels, so I thought a really cool Super Mario Papercraft Automaton would be a cool project to undertake. The project is put together by the awesome people over at Craftzine and is a ridiculously detailed tutorial about how you can make your own animated Super Mario automaton.

Now you might think, “What the heck is an automaton?” Well, to make sure I don’t balls it up, it’s better if you let the people behind this kind of awesomeness explain it. After all, they know exactly what it is all about and how to put it together. But to put it short, it’s a kind of papercraft playbox that lets you see your papercraft creation come to life and move around with the help of a little nob that you turn. It’s the ultimate office toy for sure, and it doesn’t take up too much of your time to demonstrate. However, don’t put it together on your work time since I am sure by the time you are done, you will find yourself out of a job. It’s quite a time consuming project that will have you occupied for a while. It’s time to get creative folks. Let’s bring Super Mario to life!



Via: [Neatorama]